CarpetSystem© opens a new dimension regarding the system of automatic loading: freedom.
Because of its innovating structure, CarpetSystem© doesn’t need the installation on the means of transportation and as a consequence it allows a pretty high manipulation and a reduced break of the platform.

Also, the kit can be installed on a converter, instead of being fixed on the platform in order to allow the total freedom of managing the operations and the feeding of more points of attachment.

How does it work?

The Kit CarpetSystem© has a functioning cycle that allows the elimination of an eventual human error during the loading, accelerates the procedures of loading and allows keeping the norms of security at work (law 626). This is possible because the system is simple and easy to be managed.
In a typical installation with converter and different loading slots, the functioning cycles requests, substantially, three stages:

Stage 1
The transporting chassis with CarpetSystem© mounted on it is positioned automatically near the platforms where the load is so the system with motorized rollers allows for the transfer of the load from ground platform to the CarpetSystem© system.

Stage 2
The transporting chassis, transports afterwards from a position to another until it reaches to the position near the chosen loading ramp where the verifications necessary for the alignment are made by systems of rollers and a lifting bridge which don’t allow for errors in disposing the load.

Stage 3
At this point, the two lateral motors allow for the transporting of CarpetSystem© inside the semi trailer with the load on board. The command is made through a pinion system and a rack and the movement is made with rollers of steel tilted in two. Reversing the rotation way of the lateral motors and copying through an inverter the speed of the rollers of the holder of pallets so that it corresponds to the speed of extraction of the CarpetSystem©, it is obtained the releasing of the CarpetSystem© and the discharge of the load inside the semi trailer or the container.

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