A.T.S. (Automatic Truck Loading System) Romania goes further in development of the industrial automations, continuing the work started by the company A.T.S. Italia and using the precious experience accumulated by working with SPACE of S. Mauro Torinese.

The final purpose achieved until present obliges us always to search for the most advanced solutions, always guided by the most technical necessities of our clients. The present conditions from the market of labor and especially those from the financial field convinced us to open a new company in Romania, always keeping the projection and accomplishment of all the installations from the Italian metallic-mechanic industry, which has its home in the Piemonte region.

A.T.S. acts for many years now in the field of research and development of innovating solutions and products “keys at hand” for automation.

A.T.S. offers advanced solutions for automation of the operations of loading and unloading of semi-trailers in the way of reducing drastically the time of loading, to accomplish as soon as possible the procedures, to optimize the human resources and as a consequence to increase the efficiency and quality of the service.